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NHS England

NHS England leads the National Health Service (NHS) in England. We set the priorities and direction of the NHS and encourage and inform the national debate to improve health and care.

We want everyone to have greater control of their health and their wellbeing, and to be supported to live longer, healthier lives by high quality health and care services that are compassionate, inclusive and constantly-improving.

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AME Publishing Company is an international publisher focusing on publishing medical journals and books as well as establishing an integrated academic platform. Owning a professional and highly efficient editorial team, the company has published more than 40 peer-reviewed journals, 19 indexed in PubMed and 6 indexed in SCI.

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Critical data is a loose affiliation of research labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who are engaged in research in and around “Critical Data”, more specifically data that has a critical impact on human health.

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Technology is advancing like crazy. Developers who are keen to build and experiment with new technology have a lot to keep up with! There are new devices, new APIs, new calls for developer proposals, new developer previews, new platforms, new security and privacy concerns, new inspiring creations from other developers and so much more every week. Dev Diner provides opinion pieces, guides and interviews on the latest tech, along with a weekly newsletter and blog post with links from around the web to summarise the week’s events. Find out more


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