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Whether you need to increase brand awareness, deliver a message to a targeted audience or create the buzz during the event, our team have the expertise to provide tailored, innovative and affordable solutions that suit your exact needs.

We offer a wide range of sponsorship packages as well as bespoke opportunities which will maximise your company’s visibility and ensure maximum impact from the event. Sponsorship packages create the perfect platform to raise your profile and deliver your vision and values to your target market.

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Olive is a healthcare-specific artificial intelligence company that empowers healthcare organizations to improve efficiency and patient care while reducing administrative costs. Its eponymous solution, Olive, acts as the intelligent router between systems and data by automating repetitive, high-volume tasks and workflows.

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Pure Storage offers healthcare providers and researchers an advantage—with a radically simple data platform. All-flash arrays and blades deliver high performance and 99.9999% availability – for machine learning, artificial intelligence, enterprise imaging and more.  Pure’s Evergreen Storage® technology refresh program and non-disruptive upgrades mean no more migrations! Find out why Pure Storage is the fastest growing technology provider today


At the heart of your digital transformation lies our Tier-1 network. We deliver over 25% of the world’s internet routes, while over 70% of the world’s mobile operators already use our network to connect to you. So, imagine what we can do to help transform your business and enable borderless growth.

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Learn how HP’s innovative healthcare solutions can empower you to deliver clinical care and patient information using state-of-the art technology including virtual reality (VR) to improve clinical effectiveness in care settings.  Patient interactions are personalized and secure using powerful VR experiences and robust technology.

Look out for HP healthcare announcements coming summer 2018 and discover our “Safer, Smarter and Secured for Healthcare” solutions and products at HP Healthcare Solutions.

Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine does what simple predictive analytics/machine learning models cannot. Using and Eigen-based approach, it goes beyond high-risk patients to identify those on a risk trajectory. It determines the individualized actions that will improve outcomes. And it accelerates time to value leveraging the machine’s inherent clinical intelligence.

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NetFoundry is a software-only network-as-a-service platform that enables our customers and partners to use a web console or APIs to instantly spin up secure, high performance, zero trust networks with public Internet reach and scale. The networks our customers create are abstracted away from underlying network infrastructure. Abstraction means power and simplicity. We put total control of the network in your hands. With NetFoundry, you can elevate your network while simplifying and future-proofing your application development, security, & connectivity strategies.

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Enlitic Inc. is a leader in medical deep learning that leverages its proprietary algorithms to quickly and accurately improve healthcare diagnosis. With a platform developed by renowned data scientists, machine learning practitioners, and medical experts, Enlitic is able to ingest and analyze a diversity of healthcare data sources, including billions of clinical cases ansd medical images, to improve diagnostic accuracy, speed and patient outcomes, as well as accelerate pharmaceutical research and drug trials. Named one of the world’s “50 Smartest Companies” by MIT Tech Review, Enlitic is based San Francisco and serves customers around the world.

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Let’s build your next breakthrough.

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Enterprise AI starts here. Our customers are leaders in their field and their commitment to solving complex, high value problems for their stakeholders make them perfect partners for our technology.

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Mindshare Medical has developed a revolutionary, evidence-based clinical decision support technology. Our solution provides personalized diagnostics and guidance on the effectiveness of follow-up procedures and treatments. This approach is intended to dramatically improve quality of patient care and reduce financial liability for healthcare organizations.

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We believe that innovating cancer drug discovery requires the exponential power of AI to uncover deeper mechanistic insights into cancer biology.

Equipped with advanced cognitive computing technologies, we are able to aggregate and mine disparate types of biomedical datasets to reveal novel contextual vulnerabilities in cancer, and collaborate with leading universities to exploit those vulnerabilities with cutting-edge agents. We then invest in the most promising experimental agents to demonstrate their therapeutic potential. Finally, we partner with pharmaceutical companies to transform innovative new agents into breakthrough cancer therapies.

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Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Children’s Mercy Kansas City is one of the nation’s top paediatric medical centres. With not-for-profit hospitals in Missouri and Kansas, and numerous specialty clinics in both states, Children’s Mercy is consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals.” Its faculty of more than 700 paediatric sub-specialists are actively involved in clinical care, paediatric research, and educating the next generation of paediatric sub-specialists.

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Sensely helps direct patients and health plan members to the healthcare resource they need, when they need it. Offering avatar and chat options, Sensely’s virtual medical assistant leverages natural user interfaces to intelligently and safely connect patients with clinical advice and services. With offices in London and San Francisco, Sensely’s global teams provide digital health solutions to insurance companies, pharmaceutical clients, and hospital systems worldwide.

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AISENS develops motion tracking sensors which allow patients to rehabilitate safely and effectively anywhere and anytime.

Orthyo product consists of sensors and mobile app. We developed accurate sensors which paired with our app allow patients to precisely track during exercises.

Our product is the best easy to use solution to exercise. Sensors are more accurate than image processing apps. Product is fully portable and provides more accurate measurements than existing solutions.

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